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  LeRoy Angst, Visionary of the Rosary Pilgrimage and this website passed away October 20, 2006 after a lengthy battle with a heart problem.      It has been my pleasure to work with LeRoy on his last Rosary Pilgrimage.. I would like all to know that LeRoy's commitment to sharing the message of Mary through the power of the Rosary, has been the inspiration behind this website.. He may have departed us, but you can be assured that the good seeds of his work remain.. I am certain that Mary receives her chosen in a very special way. And I am confident that LeRoy knows that very well..              May the peace of the Lord be with you..                                         Ken Watterson
My Brother Sir Knights:
It is with great sadness that I inform you that SK Leroy Angst, Former Master of Michigan District II has departed our presence to be with the Lord.  Leroy, Lady Betty and their family have suffered greatly over the past months through Leroy's recent illness.
God Bless You & Yours...............
Dennis Henderson, PS
Brother Sir Knights,
SK Leroy Angst, having fought a hard battle, passed away yesterday evening, October 20.  Not only will this Former Master be missed by the assembly, but also Michigan District Two and the Hennepin Province, where he was active and his counsel sought.
Leroy's love for our Blessed Mother is well known throughout the Order in Michigan.  Please take time to pray to Our Lady for the repose of Leroy's soul, and to watch over Lady Betty and their family.
Bill Currie FN

We started asking for Rosary Pledges from our friends in Michigan USA on March 15, 2006.  As of June 27, 2006 the web site has passed 80% of the testing needed to open it to the public.  However; we still have to solve our problem with the automatic counting system.  At present we manually insert the New Rosary Pledges as the people submit them from the various web link locations. 

Note:  We have created a Mail or Fax page for your friends and family who do not have a computer.  This page allows them to mail or fax their Rosary Pledge back to the Rosary Pilgrimage Committee.  You can find this hyperlink on the "Make Your Rosary Pledge" link page.  It's the highlighted "Mail or Fax" button in the pledge area.  You can copy it, or down load it so that you can reproduce it.  Give it to those friends & family members who do not have a computer, or they may not have computer internet access.  The audio files are Large files that download best with High-Speed internet access. 
This Web Site Is Open For Your Use.. Please Help To Spread The Word !

LeRoy Angst